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What We Do... 


We offer a great deal of services and PR management at Bankable PR.  We work to cater to the needs of our clients and the demand of the market.  We are able to create customized packages for you to get the full extent of what you need.  We also can connect you with team members who can fulfill your wishes. 









Publicity Management


While it may sound like an oxymoron, it is possible. Whether it is for a performer, politician, organization or sizeable brand at whole, Bankable PR is capable of methodically engaging positive media attention and conveying a specific message to the media and publics of interest.

Brand Management


Being fully in-tune with your brand and managing it from the start, will set a solid foundation on which to continually build your success. Entrusting someone to manage your brand is a scary task. We at Bankable PR understand this, and make sure that we treat our clients brands as if it were our own.

Social Media Management 


It is clearly evident that Social Media has the capability to construct businesses, artists, and politicians, as well as destroy them. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a host of others are no longer disposable; they are an extension of your brand, and what you represent. With constant, 24-7 news media, it is vitally important that your online reputation represents you well.

Blog Management 


Blogs get attention more now, than they ever have and with a market that is saturated, it is imperative that your blog is seamless. We at Bankable PR can help you create engaging content, a creative yet user-friendly interface and a cohesive branding & marketing method to reach your target audience.

Campaign Management 


Whether you are a nonprofit looking to raise funds, an entertainer preparing to release a single, or a political figure in search of supporters, here at Bankable PR we can manage your campaign and make sure that you have a effective itinerary of events and stay on track to reach your targeted goals.  

Event Coordination


Have a new business opening, or a product launch party and in need of someone to plan or create an a stellar event? Or maybe you just need to get the attention of the media in your area.  We can help create a customized list of the media in your area that would jump at the opportunity to be at your event.  We can also assist with coordinating the details of your event.

Media Relations Liason 


We understand that it can be a daunting task to speak to the media. With things being taken out of context and misunderstandings with journalist, we know things can easily go left. That is why we offer our liaison service to speak on your behalf.

Media Coaching

Nervous to speak at that press conference? Or hesitant to speak to the news?  Bankable PR can help you with focusing on your message.  We will work to make sure you come across confident, intelligent and ready.  With follow through on some of our Bankable Tactics you will improve your public speaking quickly.

We Also Offer....


A La Carté services. if you simply need a Press Release drafted, or a biography created, we can offer our services to satisfy your needs on a pick and choose basis!




- Press Releases


- Biography Creation


- Media Distribution 


- Newsletter Creation


- Media Kits


- Content Creation


- Brand Mapping


- Media Alerts


- Proposals


- Copy Writer


- Itinerary Creation


- Grant Writing


- Agenda Preperation


- Media Monitoring


- Product Launches


- Special Appearances


- Website Copy 


- Sponsorship Tie-Ins


- Bookings


- Copy Editing & Design


- Research Assignments



Communication Audit


Are your communication tactics with your targeted public effective? Are you reaching your desired metrics when it comes to getting your message to your external and internal audience?  If you are unsure, let us help you measure your effectivness with our proven methods that will allow you to visually see the strenghs and weaknesses between your brand and the chosen publics. 


Artist Development


It rare that you will find "Artist Development" departments or professionals anymore.  Taking the time to cultivate any artist or preformer has moved to the background.  Major labels and investors want you to be already developed.  They have put the burden of being professional and having stage presence on the artist to develop themselves.  Here, at Bankable PR we can help you make sure you are ready for the main stage. 

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