Our unique position allows us to deliver innovative ideas, management services, media releases, press packaging products                       and more. With our knowledge and network, we'll help you cut costs, while continually increasing your "bankability".




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Media Release Service(s)

"Standard Release" Package: $450


  • Release: We will work with you to create a "news angle" or "feature angle" and write an original media formatted release highlighting your latest endeavor. 


  • Distribution: Your press release is sent to 100 selected Media Outlets; which can include local television, radio, print and online media outlets. 


  • Pitching: Five follow-up pitch calls to media targets.


  • Requests: Manage all media inquiries and interview requests that result from the press release distribution and pitch calls for 60 days.


"Simple Release" Package: $350


  • Similar to the “Standard” package, except that it does not include any follow-up pitch calls.



  • Creating your release 

  • Distributing

  • Handling Media Requests 


"Distribution Only" Plan: $250


  • Distribute client provided and Bankable approved press release to 100 selected media outlets; which can include national and local television, radio, print and online media outlets.


  • Client will need to provide contact information to be included on release.


  • Does not include any pitch calls or handling any media requests.


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Writing Services
(Copy Editing & Writing)

Bankable Press Kits: Starting at $550


Whether you're sending a press kit to a reporter, a potential agent or submitting it along with your film at a festival, a great press kit can make all the difference.


A Bankable Press Kit includes:


  • one original press release or one-sheet highlighting your successes.


  • An original biography. 


  • A custom cover letter, and our counsel on what photos, samples, and other materials to include.


  • Maximum of one-page in length per element; 2 ‘new concept’ drafts; up to 3 revision drafts; final draft delivered electronically.


  • Additional releases, one-sheets, cover letters and hard copy assembly and distribution also available.

Biography Creation: $350


Who needs a biography - YOU!


A great bio is always a benefit to include when putting together your press kits. This is a look at the past, present and future of your career, so showcase it well!


We will work with you to gather pertinent information in order to write an original, savvy and custom made biography.



Maximum of one-page in length; 2 ‘new concept’ drafts; up to 3 revision drafts; final draft delivered electronically only.

Bankable Release: $250


Press release, news release, media release or personal statement...Can be created specifically for use in press kits, agent mailings, personal websites, or anytime you want to tell the world about you and your projects.


We will work with you to create a specific angle and write an original, properly formatted release highlighting your latest endeavors.


Maximum of one-page in length; 2 ‘new concept’ drafts; up to 3 revision drafts; final draft delivered electronically.


Feel like you need to create a PR plan? Looking to formulate a game plan for reaching out to the media over several months, but you’re not sure where to start? Let us help you design a strategy to get you and your projects noticed by the media.


We believe in producing quality work that our clients can be proud of for years to come. That is why we've utilized a variety of pricing methods to give our clients the opportunity to take advantage of professional PR, Marketing, Communication, Branding help.


We pride ourselves on keeping our costs low, while giving you the best service possible. We keep ourselves nimble by keeping most of our concept, design, and development work in-house. Then, where it makes sense for your finances, we utilize high-quality, efficient and talented contractors to complete specialized work.



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