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Turning your "15 Minutes of Fame" into a Bankable Lifetime of success.

A couple of weeks ago an acquaintance of mine in Atlanta reached out to me and asked me about setting up a time to talk. He wanted some advice on how to capitalize on his “15 minutes of fame” with his appearance on The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” that was to air the next day. It was no small role either; he was in the camera quite a few times getting chummy with the “diva” of all housewives, NeNe Leakes. You even heard him introduce Nene’s team and coach them.

I thought to myself, if he was serious he would have contacted me at least a month or so ago, granted there was not a non-disclosure agreement signed, which I’m sure there wasn’t. If he was serious about using this screen time on one of Bravo’s most successful Housewives out of the entire franchise and leveraging his brand, then he should have had the ball rolling long before the day before.

Nevertheless, I told him I would have some time around noon if he would like to call and discuss some strategies and tactics to gain notoriety and add value to his brand.

Unfortunately for him, he never called. Part of me, thought he wouldn’t, actually I would have been surprised if he had. He, like so many others don’t understand or realize the power or impact opportunities like this can have on your brand. Failing to expound upon such an occasion is tragic. It is even more so tragic if you are given the opportunity to show what your brand is capable of doing, and you fail to grasp it and embrace it.

This acquaintance most certainly had a marketable brand. It caters to those who are into health & wellness and with everyone become “green”; he certainly could have picked up a number of interested leads or clients from his appearance. He did not. It came and went. It may have even “went quicker then it came”. Because there was no anticipation built around his appearance and there was no strategic connection back to his fitness & health brand. Even on the night the show aired, he failed to tweet or post anything about how he could offer his services to interested parties, or classes he teaches throughout the week. I’ve seen people get big from shorter time on TV, so I’m 99.9% sure he could have leveraged this opportunity to expand and reach a bigger audience. He failed to do so, but he is not alone in this respect.

So many people think that it’s not worth it, or trick themselves into believing that they shouldn’t utilize an opportunity as such for their own gain (*In that case hire me, and I’ll do it for you!*). In all seriousness, there is no harm in making sure people are aware of you and understand your brand better. If you don’t promote yourself, who will? Well…. besides me?!

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