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You Charge How MUCH?!!

Take a deep breath, Inhale, Exhaleeeeeee. I know it may seem like an astronomical amount, but read RESPECT THE PUBLICIST, and remember that we are talking about longevity, and success. This isn't a fly-by-night scheme to get rich and known. It is an investment and well worth it.

"Brands, Businesses, Organizations, and Artist looking to keep an established Publicist, PR firm on retainer can spend between $3,000-10,000 per month - not just for the publicist or PR Firm, but also for your graphic design, distribution, Electronic Press Kit (EPK), photographer, Videographer, video editor, web design, and everything else that is needed to properly promote your brand, business, talent, or organization.

Boutique firms and freelance consultants are great for small to mid-size businesses, artist, organizations or brands with smaller budgets, but they still require a few hundred dollars ($700.00) at minimum for an effective publicity campaign.

Campaigns can take several months to cultivate, so it's important that you have the time, patience and budget for your Publicist or PR firm professionals work to translate. Keep in mind that you will get what you pay for - retainers will often determine how much time and attention you will receive, the level of experience that the publicist offers, and the type of direct media contacts they have."

Words by @AnjeMiami

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