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Respect The Publicist & The Process.

Even In 2013, as we head into 2014, people are still confused about the duties of a Publicist or PR firm, and how essential they are to any brand, organization, business, or artist focused on longevity and success. While there are a number of firms and publicist who specialize in different industries (Fashion, Entertainment, Politics, Publishing, etc.) there are still foundational actions and responsibilities that a publicist or firm should carry out and handle on behalf of their clients.

“A breakdown of a publicist's task includes, but are not limited to:

1. Creating Exposure - Your publicist or PR firm should craft or oversee your Electronic Press Kit (EPK), and always be vigilante of any opportunities that may act as a platform for you to reach audiences that will respond well with your brand message.

2. Draft press releases to announce news worthy happenings. Pitch you to the media and schedule interviews. While some think these tasks are dead, they are still important and a staple in getting clients and their message out to the public, or placement in your favorite media.

3. Scan the media for new mentions of your brand, negative or positive. Your brand, business, or organization and how it is perceived in the public is important, and it is equally as important to know how you come across. How you think you are perceived is usually not how you truly are perceived.

4. Oversee your image and have a good relationship with a fashion stylist. Looking your best never hurt anyone. Truth be told, it enhances you and boost your confidence. So make sure that you look your best on consistent bases.

5. Manage, plan or review your SOCIAL MEDIA ACTIVITY - Vitally Important. In this age of leaked videos, pictures, twitter rants, infamous Facebook post, and instagram flops, you need someone to make sure that you are sending a cohesive message as it concerns your brand, and image that is being portrayed over social media.

6. Coordinate photo shoots and video shoots. Press photos, videos, and messages that go out to your public and press must be handled with care. You want to make sure that you are sending a message that is true to you and your brand. When you are booked for an interview, job, gig, or anything that would require them to receive media beforehand, it must be of high quality and readily available.

7. Assist you on the red carpet, BUT NOT ACTUALLY POSE FOR PHOTOS WITH YOU. Remember that you are the one that the media wants to see and talk to, not your publicist. Your publicist should make sure you are ready to talk to the media, but when it comes time to actually carry that out, your publicist should be out of the picture. (You would still want them on hand, but not in camera view).

8. Assist with speeches. Did you know there is a guideline to the length your speech should be, considering the event? You want to make sure that your speeches stay on topic, and flow, while engaging the crowd and deliver key points.

9. Plan events and press junkets. When you have something extremely important to say, and want to answer questions from the media, you will need someone to coordinate the logistics and get everyone in one room at the same time. This is a lot of work; you will want a competent team who is able to carry this out.

10. Make sure your branding is cohesive. We all dislike someone who preaches one thing, and does another. You’d be surprised how often this happens with politicians, brands, businesses, artist, and organizations. Your Publicist or PR firm should constantly be keeping you on your toes, and making sure that you deliver on your brand promise or message. Things that don’t mesh well with your brand should be avoided in a respectable manner.”

Words by: @AnjeMiami

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