Bankable PR offers consultation services to assist clients develop their brand, image, and creative aspirations. Let us attend to your most important asset, and develop an unyielding blueprint of action that will lead to triumph. If you are unsure about your marketing efforts, communication plan, or Public Relations need(s), a consultaiton is the first step.



Start here.


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Start Here. Start NOW. Ask yourself, Do I know what my niche is or what makes my brand different or "Valuable"? Our general consultation will assist you with answering the foundational questions that will give you a better understanding of your brand - where it is headed, and where you want it to go. 


We can also assist with Start-Up companies that are in need of general consultation on PR Best practices.  The first 1 Hour consultation is free.  Contact us today, and let us assist you in making sure you put your best foot forward when starting a new business. 







You might already be managing some elements of your music career and doing it quite well, but you feel as though you are not getting the exposure, networking or interview opportunities you desire. The Entertainment industry can be a tricky machine to navigate and without the correct representation to present to the media, fans and supporters, you will find yourself in a tailspin trying to regain your traction.


We at Bankable PR want to discuss taking your Artistry to the next level. We can help you develop a blueprint in order to achieve the level of success you desire.



Do you know how you are translated among your publics, constituents and stakeholders? It is vital that you are aware and acknowledge your image and the way it translates into the marketplace of ideas, and the courtroom of public opinion.


Artist, Brands, Businesses’, Governmental officials and non-profits must be aware of their effect on their target audiences. With our Image Consultation we can review your publics, your campaign, brand promise, mission and vision goals to make sure that everything is cohesive and aligned to accomplish your desired goals.





Have you established a recognizable brand and don't even know it? Maybe you are not even sure of your brand and following. We can sit down and review what creating and maintaining a brand actually entails.


If we establish that you are poised to have a sustainable brand, Bankable PR will work with you further to establish good branding habits and if need be, walk you through the necessary steps to legitimize your brand through the necessary paperwork.

Have you hit a wall in brainstorming creative and pioneering ideas pertaining to your artistry, brand or campaign? Bankable PR Management can sit down with you and evaluate your past successful methods and failures in order to create a strategic plan of action in coming up with new and groundbreaking moments in time that will solidify you and your brand as a leader in your given industry.


Contact us today and connect with a Bankable represented PR or Marketing architect that can work with you. 



The thought alone of planning event can be overwhelming, not to mention actually carrying it out at some point! Bankable PR understands this and wants to work with you to make sure that you are ready and prepared to not only carry the event out, but make sure that it is memorable and attended by media professionals who will write an article on the event.


Contact us today and we will start to formulate the necessities to make certain that you are prepared, when it comes to simply enjoy your event!

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