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About Bankable

Established in 2011 by President & Owner Marc Banks - Bankable PR is a full-fledged Firm that caters to the needs of businesses, artists, non-profits, professionals, governmental figures & entities who can benefit from the firm's collective and extensive knowledge of Public Relations, Communication, Branding and Marketing execution.  As an Entity of Marc Banks Enterprises, LLC - Bankable PR Management & Services is capable of fulfilling the wants, needs, and desires of clients who may need to polish their image, take their brand to the next level, or re-strategize their campaign message/tactics. 


​"Identify your BRAND. Set yourself APART."​​ - Marc Banks, Owner & President

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As the owner & founder of Bankable PR Management & Services, Marc Banks has been fortunate enough to travel extensively and meet with some of the next generations up and coming talent. MarQ spear heads the team of architects at Bankable PR by bringing together a number of key aspects that are essential when launching a campaign, or dealing with the innerworkings of branding. 

Marc Banks

                                    Owner & President





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