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How We Do It..


The practical and tactical application of Marketing, Branding, PR and Communication efforts are how we get the job done.  Listed below are a few of the methods we use to make our clients needs, wants and sometimes demands come to life.  Through a all or a combination of the tactics listed below, we are able to accomplish our clients desires. 


One of the most important functions here at Bankable PR is conducting research.  Whether it is on an industry, culture, or a pressing social issue, you can rest assure along with your expertise, we have research.

Monitoring & Tracking.

By tracking your output metrics, we can gauge the best course of action and how to best craft your campaign.  Monitoring the specifics of  your audience is vitally important for success.

Brand Development.

It is important that your product, organization or artistry is developed to the full extent before you present it to the public. Here at Bankable PR we run Brands through a rigerous course to make sure they are ready.


Information Technology.

Information Technology is extremely important in speeding up the time it takes to reach your target audience.  Market intellgience is compiled and made readily availible when it is time to utlize it.  It is important to amke you Bankable.

Relationship Building.

There is an age old saying, "It's not what you know, it's who you know." While we don't neccessarily operate off this motto, we know that relationship-building is essential in any industry.

Media Training.

Being in front of the lights, camera and microphone is intimidating, to say the least. We understand this and want to prepare you to make your first impression, your best impression.

Continued Education.

"Never stop learning", we believe that fully here at Bankable PR, it is through becoming a student of life and PR that we can stay up to date with things that work well, and not so well. 

Client Communication.

We know that our client is our first priority.  That is why we make sure we are in consistent and, sometimes, constant communication with you.  Feeback, client meetings and reports is how we make sure we are serving you to the best of our ability. 

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